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Castle North Band

Castle North Band

We are very proud of the tradition of excellence our bands have developed over the years here at CNMS. We start all of our students in the 6th grade so if your student is entering the 6th grade we hope that you will consider picking up an instrument with the rest of our students.

If your student is entering 7th or 8th grade with prior training on a band instrument, we hope that they will consider continuing on that instrument with us. Below are some quick facts about our band program.

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Band Fun Facts:

  • Approximately 50% of sixth grade students at CNMS play in the band
  • Every year approximately 300 students are in band at CNMS
  • Most students in CNMS band also make the Honor Roll (typically 75-85%)
  • Students in the CNMS band also participate in every other school activity offered at CNMS (football, basketball, wrestling, volleyball, academic team, green team, drama club, choir, and more!)
  • Band students receive a Band Grade and a Fine Arts Credit they need in Middle School
  • Band is a class during the school day. After school commitments are limited to a few performances throughout the year
  • The only thing students have to turn down to be in the band at CNMS is study hall!
  • The bands at CNMS are undeniably some of the best bands in the state. They consistently earn Gold Ratings at the highest difficulty levels in adjudication, earn the ISSMA All-Music Award, and were selected to play at the Indiana Music Educators Professional Development Conference in January of 2022!