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Elective Courses

Elective Course Options

Electives are outlined in the Diploma Requirements and are available in the guidance office at each school or at the Warrick County School Corporation Office.

CNMS Electives


Squire MascotStudy Hall - is a class period set aside for study during the day. Students are expected to bring school-related materials to study hall each day and work independently in the supervised setting. CNMS staff members supervise the study halls with enrollment averaging approximately 70 students per class.

Band - is offered as an elective to any student that participated in the 6th grade band program. The class meets each day throughout the school year. Participating in band can (but is not required) lead to after school activities in Rock Band and Jazz Band. Grades are issued each grading period for band.

Band Drop Policy - changes will be allowed during the first five days of the 1st or 2nd semester when the director is presented with a signed Drop Band Form from the parent. Drop Band Forms may be picked up from the secretaries or counselor.

ILEARN Remediation - is offered to any student that needs remediation based on the previous year's ILEARN scores and/or teacher recommendation. These students will be given the opportunity to take this class.

Non-Core Subject Staff Assignments

Teacher Course Contact
Johnathan Miller Band E-mail
Kaytlyn Slotterback Music E-mail
Kathryn Taylor PE E-mail
Eric Mullen Visual Art E-mail
Lisa Pearson ESL/Media Center E-mail
John Reed PE E-mail
Andy Slepsky Health E-mail
Riley Denning Tech E-mail
David Wantland Band E-mail
Joshua Watjen Computer Education E-mail
Suzanne Chambliss Math for Life E-mail